La nostra Cantina

The Cantina Sant’Andrea cellar is found at the foot of the Asolo hills in the small town of Maser, which boasts a long history of viticulture and fruit growing due to its ideal micro-climate.

A few steps from the Villa Barbaro and the Church of Sant’Andrea, our family has been cultivating grapes in this wonderful territory for generations.

Our vineyards currently cover 8 hectares, largely dedicated to the Glera variety; these grapes form the base for our Asolo Prosecco Superiore, our very own sparkling Prosecco, the wine that best represents who we are. Prosecco di Maser is a charming wine, markedly mineral with a good structure, ideal as an aperitif but also excellent with meals, especially the sugar-free version.
This area, however, is more than just Prosecco. Red grapes have also always found an ideal environment here; the vineyards offer refined, light and pleasant Cabernets or Merlots, with highly expressive notes.
As a business, we oversee the entire production chain, from grapes to bottling, and we are proud to be a part of the FIVI family, the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers.

Una vecchia vite di oltre 60 anni per il nostro Prosecco Xero

We strongly believe the most important component of our wine is the vineyard, and we therefore focus our attention on achieving the highest possible quality, prioritising ancient vines over extravagant production techniques.
For years, we have practised integrated pest management, striving to eliminate all unnecessary treatments such as herbicides, and avoiding any products with potentially adverse effects on human health; we are aware that nature is our most valuable asset, and it needs to be defended and preserved. Starting with the 2017 vintage, all pesticides used in the vineyard will be published on our website.

This work continues into the cellar, where our aim is to preserve as much of the work done in the vineyard as possible, with a particular focus on creating wholesome wines.

If you are in Maser, don’t hesitate and come to visit our wine cellar, we would be delighted to show you our production techniques, and let you enjoy a few of our products.